Trade Finance Exchange Console

Dematerialise - The one stop web console for Commodity Traders and the Trade Finance Community


eGTSA offers a unique solution on behalf of major trading banks destined for Commodity Trading companies to correspond and dialogue with their Banks & Partners involved in Trade finance.

The solution is offered on a subscription basis using a web based browser dashboard accessible from any internet connection.

  • Transact electronically with banks across one secured environment for L/Cs, Documentary credits, LOI’s, Bank confirmations etc
  • Message and exchange documents with industry partners (Legal, insurance, shipping brokers etc..)
  • Connect simply via a web browser from one or multiple geographic location(s)
  • Centralised view of all operations, organise, archive
  • Ease operations with pre-recorded fields and track changes, sign-off groups
  • “One screen” to communicate with all banks, other partners
  • Optimise internal business processes and de-risk by ensuring more accuracy

This solution offers a practical, cost effective and securitised alternative to the paper-fax-telex-unsecured email methodologies used today.

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